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Creating Office 365 groups has already been a feature in Office 365 for a while. But there still was a missing piece for the old project-and team sites of SharePoint Online where users wanted to ‘migrate’ their site to the capabilities of an Office 365 group.

A Tenant administrator could already do the trick of ‘groupify’¬†the site and create an Office 365 group of it. But from an end-user perspective there wasn’t really an option other than smiling to the tenant administrator.

Luckily it’s now available for end users in targeted release (or first release ūüôā ) tenants and will probably go globally available soon.


What is “Connect an Office 365 group”

Like said in the introduction, your classic SharePoint Online site will be tranformed into an Office 365 with the following additional capabilities:

  • The modern pages are activated on your site, and the home page is changed to a modern one.
  • When filling in the owners of the group, they will become the site collection administrators and are added to the owners group of the site. Group Members are added to the members group.
  • Office 365 Group features like Planner, Conversations, Calendar… are also added to the newly created group.

Tenant administrators can disable this feature by going to the tenant settings of the SharePoint environment (classic admin center), https://[TENANT]
Under the category Connections from sites to Office 365 groups one can disable the feature by setting it to 

Besides the content (documents..) of the site, are the site pages also migrated to the “new” site collection. They are still in classic mode, but they contains all the webparts that where configured. So there is no work lost of your “old” site. If you didn’t change the old homepage (home.aspx), then the “new” created site collection just contains a modern home(1).aspx, which is the new homepage of your site collection.



From an end-user perspective, you can transform your classic site to an Office 365 Group by simply selecting the gear icon and select Connect to new Office 365 Group.

Selecting Connect to new Office 365 Group will result in an overview page about what will be created by Office 365 for your site collection:


Next, you will be guided through the default steps you have to pass when creating an Office 365 Group:



Passing through all steps, will result in a modern SharePoint Online site collection and a modern homepage.



More information about this newly added feature can be found at the official documentation of Microsoft (where it is still defined as to be released) =>

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