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SPS Doha (Qatar) 2019

My first public speaking appointment of the year brought me to wonderfull Doha. First time Qatar and even the first time for me in the Middle East. After getting selected to speak at SPS Doha, I had no idea at all what to expect. But looking back, I can certainly say that it was a great experience!

With my flight arriving at 1 AM on Friday morning and already agreed to meet at 7 AM for the desert trip, I was aware it would be a very short night đŸ˜€

So at 7 AM I met Patrick Guimonet again (already met him at SPS Dakar last year) and I met Katja Jokisalo for the first time. Togheter with Patrick, his wife and daughter, and Katja we went on an amazing desert trip including a camelride, sandboaring, visiting the inland sea… And of course taking amazing pictures!

In the evening Rick Van Rousselt also arrived in Doha and joined us for a nice boat trip toward the economic center of Doha.

Saturday was of course THE day of SPS Doha, around 50 attendees showed up for an interesting day full of enthousiastic speakers talking about all the latest related to SharePoint and Office 365.

I provided my session about introducing Redux in your SPFx solution, which is based on my experiences of my current development project. (More information about Redux and SPFx can be found at: Getting started with Redux in SharePoint Framework – Part 1)

After SPS we (of course) went to the only Belgian Cafe in Doha for some real Belgian beer and cocktails! The final part of my trip to Doha was reserved for a wonderful dinner and some shisha in good company!

Definitly feeling ready for my next trips:
15/06/2019 – PowerSaturday Paris
22/06/2019 – SPS Madrid

SharePoint Saturday Netherlands and Dakar

In the past two weeks, I had the pleasure to deliver a session about SharePoint Framework deployment at both SharePoint Saturday Netherlands and SharePoint Saturday Dakar.

Netherlands (Info)

I had never provided a session outside Belgium, so where can I start better than with our neighbours: The Netherlands.

On Friday evening, there was the traditional speaker dinner in a typical Dutch pancakes restaurant with pancakes more looking like pizzas (toppings like ham, pepperoni, cheese..). The food was good and the conversation and interactions with the other speakers were even better.

Saturday was a hot day (around 30° C), but the registered attendees still chose to follow the sessions over a drink outside on a terrace. I think there were around 300 people attending the one-day event, which is quite a big group! At 11 a.m., my session started and it went very, very smooth. I loved the enthusiastic crowd, who were asking very specific questions. It was very nice and pleasant to speak for such an amazing audience, so a big thanks to all!

There were also many sponsors, each having a great booth at the expo, who gave away amazing prizes at the closing prize draw that evening.

So definitely a SharePoint Saturday that I would like to attend more in the future. Hopefully as a speaker, but otherwise also as an attendee!

Dakar (Info)

Speaking in Dakar (Senegal) isn’t really a thing that I thought I would do immediately, and most of my colleagues called me crazy, but the moment I got the opportunity, I thought: Why not?

So I booked the trip, arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday evening, and made sure that I had time to visit the main city.

A local restaurant with a small gallery was the perfect place for the speaker dinner on Friday evening. I took a local specialty, dank some Bissap and of course talking to the other speakers made it for me a wonderful evening and the perfect start for my ‘Dakar-weekend’.

With a slow start on Saturday, people in Senegal seems to show up late on appointments, the was room overcrowded at noon. Approximately 40-50 people attended the sessions during the day.

The closing up of my ‘Dakar-weekend’ was a trip around all the different parts of Dakar, the Monument de la Renaissance Africaine and a super delicious lunch in a fish restaurant near the beach.

Looking back, it was a weekend that I would recommend to anyone!

Session details

I developed a SharePoint Framework solution, what to do next and how to install it automatically?

Level: 200
Track: Developer

While SharePoint Framework being the upcoming trend in 2017 for the modern SharePoint landscape, SharePoint developers not only saw their tool belt being extended but there was also a shift becoming a modern developer. With modern development some new tools were introduced for the SharePoint developers, like Gulp, Yeoman, Npm,… Development is one thing, but deploying these solutions? That’s another matter.

Uploading wsp files to SharePoint servers and deploying web applications for SharePoint Add-in’s to Azure, are already known actions.
But with SharePoint Framework, code has to be deployed to a hosting service as an Azure CDN or a SharePoint CDN/Library and the app package has to be uploaded to the app catalog (like with SharePoint add-ins). Those are new things for the ‘classic’ SharePoint developers, as also installing solutions by the use the new Application Lifecyle Management API of SharePoint which makes it possible to deploy by code.

This session will provide an overview of the deployment options to Azure and SharePoint and will provide a demo intensive part by creating a deployment tool to install/uninstall/retract/upgrade your app on specific sites and on specific site collection catalogs.